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New Profile Pic: Chibi Me! by StrongWind876 New Profile Pic: Chibi Me! :iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 9 14 Lydia and the Pendant by StrongWind876 Lydia and the Pendant :iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 9 18 Nick Chibi - Eevee164's Prezzie! by StrongWind876 Nick Chibi - Eevee164's Prezzie! :iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 4 3 Ninja Pals by StrongWind876 Ninja Pals :iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 1 13 Request: ID for Bunnylover05 by StrongWind876 Request: ID for Bunnylover05 :iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 1 0 Request: ID for Clay-penguin by StrongWind876 Request: ID for Clay-penguin :iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 4 6 Art Trade: Chibi Eevee for Eevee164 by StrongWind876 Art Trade: Chibi Eevee for Eevee164 :iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 3 7
The Sunset - brief short story
He was quiet, standing at the railing of the balcony, staring out at the setting sun. A certain balcony that held so many memories; with her. Her. She was gone. Forever. And there was no chance she was coming back. A hollow ache resounded continuously like a gong, painfully, inside his chest. He had given up trying to restrain it. It was too powerful. Instead he had started to give in, sink into the darkness, face never moving, and thoughts never shifting. They never wandered from the image of the face of his loved one. But it was slowly fading from memory. Not as sharp as the real thing. Was this what it was like to truly lose someone?
The door slid open behind him but he didn't stir, nor pay any attention to his newfound company. The blonde walked up to him, just as solemn as he, and scanned her hazel eyes over his stone face, frowning, but not surprised. She sighed, her eyes glazed over with tears. Her face was slightly red and her eyes bloodshot, just like his brown ones. He had be
:iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 2 14
At Phoenix Beach - request for JellyFaceJade by StrongWind876 At Phoenix Beach - request for JellyFaceJade :iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 2 6 The Moderators by StrongWind876 The Moderators :iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 5 28
Auburn Heart
Dea ran swiftly to the edge of the forest, ignoring the call from her guardian, Aunt Fiona, for her to come back. Dea leapt over a branch in her old black sneakers, rage and distress stirring inside her. As soon as she past the first tree she didn't stop, her bright, wavy auburn hair billowing behind her. Dea ran faster, not caring about the new scratch on her temple from the sharp branches that stuck out. Tears blinded her eyes and her lip trembled, threatening to let out a sob.
The dark forest had always calmed her down – soother her about her problems and her worries. She reached the denser part of the forest, overlooking an open horizon, the late afternoon sun low in the sky, casting an orange glow. The trees were old and stout, only a few dead leaves clinging to the branches. It was almost winter and Dea missed the vibrant colours of Autumn.
A fairly large sized hill blended against the sky, long grass covering it like green silky fur. Dea marched up its slope with stiff, ang
:iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 2 11
Evoking Truth - Short Story
Dark, mouldy, scaly hands clawed at her, ripping at her skin, tearing at her hair. Dea screamed and shrieked, trying to pry the disgusting green numerous hands off of her. Darkness surrounded her in a million different shades, even the yellow looked forbidding.
Ink appeared to splash across the canvas of her vision and all other colours were blotched out, only leaving black to glare at her ominously. Dea clenched her eyes shut, screwing up her face, using all her strength to push back the largest hand by it's wrist, trying to dodge the immensely long claws, razor-sharp and deadly. Blood was already spidering down Dea's wrists from the grips of other hands that came from nowhere and her legs kicked uselessly as she floated in the blackness.
Shadows began to come alive and joined the fray, aiding the scaly hands in all ways possible. One shadow stuck to her mouth like an annoying sticker, silencing her continuous screams, only making her bright hazel eyes grow wider in fear. Then, una
:iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 4 17
Smiling faces.
Everyone laughing.
Everyone gathered, talking, cheering, and making jokes.
No poisonous fights, no judgemental views, no problems to hold her mind down.
All her friends were here, all her family and loved ones.
Laughter danced the air and contentment filled her soul.
She felt…free.
Nothing could go wrong… Nothing could shatter this image… Nothing…
Beep! Beep! Beep!
She was abruptly met with white washed walls, the feel of course white sheets, extreme tiredness and the feel of a tube across her face, feeding her oxygen, too fresh it hurt her head.
Three blurry faces hovered above her, worried, concerned, hardly a smile…
She blinked, slowly, her eyelids felt like glue, her mind a foggy cloud, her mouth slurring and mumbling incoherent words.
Her whole body ached with an excruciating pain she had never felt before.
She wanted to scream.
But she was too exhausted.
Too numb.
She felt nothing yet everything.
The pain was like the stab and twist
:iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 3 15
Stepping Stones - OC Drabble Series .:1:.
Stepping Stones
{Dea Harrow + Zane Mercer}
.:: 1 ::.
The sixteen-year-old girl hopped from stepping-stone to stepping stone across the crystal clear water. A turtle, which had been sunbaking on a stone, was alarmed and sunk into the water, ripples disturbing the liquid glass.
She was below, in the shallow river than ran through the large modern city.
A bridge was to the side of her, large concrete pillars holding a railway track, swallowed up by two tunnels on either end, underground in the city.
Lily pads and flowers floated on the surface of the tranquil, still water. A bit odd for it to be inside such a vast and modern city.
She stopped, auburn hair swaying slightly in the breeze.
A boy stood on a circular stepping-stone not too far away. He had baggy red, three quarter pants and a blue leather jacket. A messenger bag was slung over one shoulder. He held a fishing rod, one wrist-banded hand stuffed inside a pocket.
But what made her look twice was that his hair was blue. A silky mid
:iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 2 14
Too Late - OC Drabble
Amaya smiled – but it was fake.
She nodded and chatted vibrantly – but it was an act.
She complimented the new couple – but it was forced.
She laughed along with the group – but inside, she was screaming.
Gasping for breath.
Pleading, hoping this was a dream.
A nightmare.
It couldn't be real.
Why was she feeling this?
This pain?
This agony?
This torture?
The dark-haired man held his girlfriend around the waist as he smirked.
The blonde girl never seemed to stop swooning.
Amaya's green eyes flickered away, looking at the ground.
She couldn't bare it.
Amaya made an excuse and ran from the room.
The dark-haired man watched her leave, his eyes showing something hidden.
She was found on a hill by her friend, the sun setting in the distance.
The glow of the sun cast an aura about her delicate face.
Streaked with tears.
He embraced her, sighing, knowing, and wishing it was him instead she loved.
Weeks later, the dark-haired man knocked on her door.
But not from ru
:iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 2 6
Time To Let Go - OC drabble
Amaya stared out the window.
The rain was pelting down hard, the sky grey and the atmosphere grey.
No one moved outside, except the rain.
Amaya loved the rain.
Especially at night.
It made her feel happy – that confused most.
She smiled ruefully, reminiscing a time when everything was simpler.
It was time to let go.
The brunette twirled outside on the walkway, closing her eyes and smiling in bliss.
Her head was turned up to the sky, her look pure contentment.
Her arms were held out wide, as if trying to capture the happiness.
Her hair was drenched, her clothes were soaked, and she was saturated.
Amaya's eyes opened, revealing a deep forest-green.
She stopped twirling and breathed in the fresh air.
It was time to let go.
:iconstrongwind876:StrongWind876 2 7


Harry Potter by Huyen-n00b Harry Potter :iconhuyen-n00b:Huyen-n00b 45 2 The longest braid ever by Arbetta The longest braid ever :iconarbetta:Arbetta 1,725 107 all my loving by Snovi all my loving :iconsnovi:Snovi 2,227 276 Tutorial: Painting Hair Part 2 by ToySkunk Tutorial: Painting Hair Part 2 :icontoyskunk:ToySkunk 3,935 160 Place called home by Sedeptra Place called home :iconsedeptra:Sedeptra 1,265 43 A one-way trip. A very hard fall. by burdge A one-way trip. A very hard fall. :iconburdge:burdge 8,797 904 Page Process by tarantellino Page Process :icontarantellino:tarantellino 59 35 5 signs of werewolf. by viria13 5 signs of werewolf. :iconviria13:viria13 18,412 1,032 Invisible by viria13 Invisible :iconviria13:viria13 14,442 727 Rise Of The Guardians - Jack Frost by Renny08 Rise Of The Guardians - Jack Frost :iconrenny08:Renny08 1,757 157 SW - We will be forever as one by Renny08 SW - We will be forever as one :iconrenny08:Renny08 860 178 Digital Chibi Emolga by Eevee164 Digital Chibi Emolga :iconeevee164:Eevee164 6 0 Pikachu - Gangnam style by mnrART Pikachu - Gangnam style :iconmnrart:mnrART 6,165 482 Sokka friendly mushroom by mnrART Sokka friendly mushroom :iconmnrart:mnrART 4,459 376 Gengar Headsmash Icon_You're doing it wrong by Eevee164 Gengar Headsmash Icon_You're doing it wrong :iconeevee164:Eevee164 6 6 Cersei Lannister by GabrielJardim Cersei Lannister :icongabrieljardim:GabrielJardim 672 52
Random favs of no kind, just favourited them on a whim or because they meant something to me. :happybounce:





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Breeze or Ren ;P
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Yo! :happybounce:
Hey there lost traveller! Glad you found me ;P
Welcome to my page!!! >v<
Art and writing are all I’ve ever done and loved (although, many things have been added to that... Summing it up I love: LIFE)
I’m self taught and have learnt through trial and error. Most of my artworks and stories aren’t up here though, but feel free to explore all the ones that are! :)
I appreciate all watchers, faves, comments, you name it and I love to make friends so don’t be shy to just say hi! :D (ooh, that rhymes! lol)

Internet buddies!:
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Please respect my work as a lot of time, effort and passion goes into creating them.
Thanks for stopping by! XD
Bye-bye! *waves*


El Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwler Optimist Stamp by Melody-Chaos I luff chocolate by prosaix Dance Dance by TheSaltyMonster 003 - Light by clumsyrebel I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Stamp: Magical Powers by TheSaltyMonster nocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexa Procrastinator by fear-the-brilliance I hate artists writers block by zaz14ispottermad MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler Marvel Black Widow Stamp by TwilightProwler Sket Dance Stamp by klll100 Stamp_Sket Dance by Queen-Frost Clueless Naruto Stamp by rainbowramen321:thumb303347657: Sokka Approved Stamp by HorseFantasy Avatar The Last Airbender Aang Stamp by moonprincessluna Up to no good by clumsyrebel Golden Trio stamp by ChibiRat3019
I have been coming up with a new story idea for quite some time now - particularly because my main story isn't going anywhere, and all the others; I'm stuck. This new story was created basically as practice for plotting. I've harnessed describing and, somewhat, dialogue, but plotting is constantly running away from me. So, I'm hoping this story will let me grab it... even if only a little.
This story might be a little stereotypical, unoriginal, and OLD but, like I said, it's practice.
What I'm hoping for though is that, not the storyline, but the characters' personalities and friendships with each other might haul in readers. After all, its not what the story is about, but who is in the story.
I'm quite excited about it, to be honest. :XD: Really excited. But, unfortunately, being stuck at home - sick - for a number of weeks has left me quite uninspired and just... FLAT. So, God has blessed me with the biggest writer's block ever. Thank you, really appreciate it, dude.
Anyway, Chapter One is almost done. But not finished. BECAUSE OF THE DAMN WRITER'S BLOCK.
When is does come up, however, I'll let you know, because I seriously want feedback and comments. I can't tell you how nervous, really nervous, can't tell you how nervous I am, I mean... excited I am to have it up and ready to be read! :D
Well, I've decided to call it Burning Shadows. I might even get a teaser up to see how it goes...



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